I Choose Freedom

Tired of fighting this weight thing.  Today I ate in a healthy way, but i am not looking at myself in a healthy way.  I keep thinking I will be more of a  “real person”when i lose weight.  As if I need a number on a scale to be worthy. Bull#### I say – right now, right here.  So what.    I know  where this comes from, but it is mine now to heal.  So what. I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children and I am living a good life.  I am ready to enjoy it.  I am ready to be free.

Free means that I am free of this weight  – free of it mentally and physically.  It will take a while physically, but mentally – can happen now if i choose.  I choose.  I choose I choose.

I am living right now.  I am going to wear my hair in a pretty way.  I am going to enjoy my life, I am going to live loudly and follow my bliss.  I choose.

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